Steps to becoming a Master Franchisee

Master Franchisé

After the meeting and the validation of the potential Master Franchisee profile by the Franchisor, the integration process is composed of 6 steps:

1 - Presentation of the project by the Master Franchisee

Presentation of your project, your vision of development, your objectives. This step allows us to determine a common collaboration strategy.

2 - Pre-study

Study of the feasibility of the project by both parties, which must be approved before moving on to the next stage.

3 - Signature of the contract

This stage defines the entry fee, royalties, support, and each party’s obligations.

4 - Preparation and launch of the project

Training of the Master Franchisee and search for partners and suppliers.

5 - Pilot phase

The Master Franchisee must open 1 branch of his/her own, which will allow him/her to test and adapt certain criteria to the country. This phase must be approved by both parties before moving on to development.

6 - Development

The Master Franchisee, in accordance with the development plan defined by the franchisor, must launch the recruitment of franchisees in its territory and then train and manage them.