An activity with multiple skills: sales, management, administration…

Daniel Moquet gives you the opportunity to express your commercial and managerial talents, while being accompanied and trained in the best techniques.

As branch manager, you’re in charge of managing, developing and coordinating the running of the franchise and the team. With the support of the Daniel Moquet network, you’ll play an essential role during every stage of the business, including helping individuals reach their personal goals and leading the team to collective success.

You don't have to be a landscaper, 88% of the network's franchisees come from another sector of activity.

Franchisé en rendez-vous

The job can be broken down into two functions:

  • One technical: Team management, project management and site supervision.
  • The other is commercial: visiting prospects, issuing proposals and quotations.

The organization is technical in the morning and sales in the afternoon.

Skills and qualities needed: Team management skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and a taste for customer contact; be versatile and rigorous in your work, be willing to use your initiative.

Through your commitment and hard work, you can earn a very good salary.

Franchisé en brief

An interest in green spaces and outdoor landscaping is an asset to our business.