Take control of your career

What if you, too, were to become a branch manager specialized in the design of driveways, paths, and patios for homeowners?

A house’s exterior is like a first welcome to the home, a walking area up to the doorstep, a real living space that must be pleasant and rewarding. Today, Brits attach more and more importance to their garden.

"With 40 years of experience, I offer you a proven business concept, a reliable working method, exclusive and non-competitive branded products, a quick return on investment..."

Expertise, skills and a quality approach are the components of the happy marriage that has already given rise to more than 200 Daniel Moquet companies.

"Furthermore, I am happy and very satisfied to have a success rate of 99% and to share strong values with all the franchisees of the network: Expertise - Pleasure - Respect and Simplicity."

When you join us, you'll have a fun job. You will benefit from the know-how that we will be able to pass on to you, and you will benefit from a good salary."

Daniel Moquet, network founder

Daniel Moquet, network founder